Schutzhund Training

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Schutzhund is a sport created by the German Shepherd Club of Germany (SV) intended on testing the working capability and temperamental soundness of a dog.

There are three different phases to the sport consisting of protection, obedience, and tracking.

Dog that pass Schutzhund should be suitable for wide variety of Police Military / Law Enforcement work.

The importance of Schutzhund cannot be overestimated in the development and education of Dog Training here at SJ K9 Solutions. The sport of Schutzhund is one of the greatest avenues to dog training.

The sport teaches you the correct understanding of character, theory, drives, precision, method, and technique. Schutzhund teaches you how to reach deep within the canine soul to find what drives them for life. Once this is achieved the highest level of workability in the dog can be reached.

Whether you plan to participate on the Schutzhund competition or you would like to have a working class dog, this is the training program for you.