Protection Training

[Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Assets]

SJ K9 Solutions offers the finest in personal protection. You can have your dog trained to the personal protection level or purchase a trained adult personal protection dog.

If you feel your dog has the potential of becoming a protection dog, sign up for an evaluation. The evaluation includes a complete test of the dog’s character, temperament, nerves and protective instinct.

A dog with strong protective instinct that lacks in temperament and nerves is not a personal protection dog. A common mistake is made when you feel you have a protective dog, but every time someone comes over he must be caged or put away. He can’t protect you if he’s in his cage or run. You can never be sure when you may need him to protect you or your family’s life.

A dog of stable character can give you protection 24 hours, 7 days a week, and this is his job. All your canine companion will ask in return is unconditional love. A personal protection dog gives you the confidence that you aren’t alone, no matter what the circumstance.

Whether you want protection while walking or exercising on the street or simply protection for your property, our protection dog training will enable your dog to attack on command as well as alert you when a possible intrusion.