Basic Obedience

[Make  A Great Dog Even Better]

Nothing like having a well behaved dog when entertaining friends at home or when taking a walk on the park. Obedience training enriches the relationship between you and your dog, which makes living together that much more enjoyable.

A well-trained dog is more confident, manageable and receives positive attention because he/she brings fun and pleasure to their family. An untrained dog is more likely to receive negative attention, which in turn brings unwanted stress to them and to our already busy lives.

Whatever the age or breed of your dog, the time to begin obedience training is right now! SJ K9 Solutions is available to assist you in accomplishing all your dog training goals.

Our basic obedience training includes:

  • On-Leash Attention Heel (walk on leash with attention)
  • Sit on Command *
  • Down on Command *
  • Stay on Command *

* We add distractions in to our training program