julie-testimonialI am writing this letter on behalf of my dog trainer, Harry Ramos. We have been training our two dogs with Harry since April 2010. Overall, our experience with Harry has been wonderful and we are very satisfied clients.

When we adopted our first dog, he was completely out of control. We were in over our heads with this puppy, and had failed with other trainers. One session with Harry completely transformed our dog. We immediately signed a contract for basic training and started a session the same day. From the day that we signed the contract Harry followed through on all of his promises. Harry even added extra personal sessions for our dog on days he wasn’t training groups since our dog was especially difficult. We were so impressed with Harry’s basic training that we signed up for advanced training when basic training was completed. We adopted a second dog a few months later and signed her up for basic and advanced training with Harry without hesitation.

Harry has been extremely professional the entire time we have worked with him. When we signed our contract he told us exactly what to expect, how long training would take, and that with our particular dog we would have to bring him back for refresher courses periodically. He has followed through on everything and has even offered to come to our house to help us with some problems we are having with our dog at home! Harry truly goes above and beyond for his clients. When we adopted our second dog, she was very sick from the animal shelter. Harry called us almost daily to check in on her and offer suggestions.

Since we have been training two dogs in basic and advanced training, we have been going to Harrys every Saturday (and often Tuesday too) for 8 months. In the time we have been training, we have met many other satisfied clients. We have seen dogs with a variety of backgrounds train from start to finish and we are always impressed with the finished product. Harry has a way of understanding the needs of each individual dog. It always amazes us how he can anticipate exactly what the dog is going to do before they do it! He alters his training methods to suit each dog so that the dog remains motivated to respond to commands.

Update – August 2012
It has been 2.5 years that we have been working with Harry, and after all this time we can truly say that there is no other dog trainer as talented! We had so much success with my dog’s training that we actually decided to adopt a third dog, and immediately start her in training with Harry! The training that we did has remained 100% consistent even after we stopped doing regular training sessions with them. It always amazes people how reliably trained our dogs are, and every time someone sees their off-leash advanced obedience they immediately ask the name of our trainer! Chief’s recall is so fast and reliable that people actually laugh because he kicks up dirt as he’s running! If it weren’t for this training, there is no way I could ever have handled having three strong German Shepherds. Harry has done such an amazing job with my dogs that I feel 100% confident that I can handle all three dogs in any situation, and that I always have full control over them.

Client from Philadelphia




This is to Testify that I have been taking my pupy to Mr. Harry ramos since the first weekend of December 2010. I originally purchased a puppy from Mr. Ramos back in Junw 2010, however due to unforeseen circumtances beyond his control, I got another pup from differenct breeder, because I didn’t want to wait for the next litter. I know his character pretty well. He has always been upfront and honest and easy to deal with. I agreed to have this pup that I currently have to be trained by Harry, as I did research his background in training and breeding German Shepherds. I found his exerience in this area to be excelent.

I have attended five classes and have seen most of his pupils on a consistent basis. I didn’t see the owners of the Dobeman Pinscher for the past 2 classes.

I would highly recommended Harry for anyone who si serious about having their dog trained in Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and Protection as well as for Show Competition.

I am very pleased with the progress my dg has been making due to Harry’s method.
I hope this information is helpful.

I remain,
Robert J Dabrow, RN
Philadelphia, PA 19143

My son brought one of Harry’s puppies home in January and was almost immediately offered a job in Cleveland, Ohio. He couldn’t take an 8 week old puppy with him, so I offered to keep Lexi for a while. I enrolled her in a PetSmart puppy class, but found out pretty quickly that clicker training wasn’t going to be enough for our smart, high-drive puppy!

I called Harry and asked about his training methods because I wanted to my son’s dog to get a good start. I had never had a GSD before and wasn’t sure I would be able to handle her. Harry assured me that he would help me get the upper hand and keep it. We drove an hour each way for our basic and off-leash training sessions with Harry, but it was totally worth it!

Lexi is now about 9 months old and, though she’s still a puppy and is very high-energy, she listens to me (I wish my 6 year old golden retriever were half as obedient)! No matter how distracted she is, she comes when I call her. I can walk her off leash and let her run after her ball in the local park without worrying that she’ll run away, which makes it really easy and fun to get her the exercise she needs. Best of all, Lexi trusts me and loves doing what she’s told.

One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Harry was that Lexi and I got to meet other dogs and their owners. I saw him work with a variety of dogs, from an eight-week-old rottweiler puppy to an adult cane corso that had been abused and rescued. In every case, Harry modified his techniques to match the dog, giving each exactly what it needed to be successful.

I recommend Harry Ramos as both a breeder and a trainer!


I just wanted to write you this letter for you to post as a testimonial for our experience with you.

Our dog, Blue, has had an issue with food aggression for some time now (probably since we got him) and it definitely got worse this summer. My husband and myself had no idea what to do about it and knew our friends in South Jersey had used you for help with their dog, so we called you.

The 200 mile distance did not deter us because our friends were so happy with your services – we knew we found our guy. We felt confident after our many phone conversations with you (thank you for making yourself so available via phone until we got to meet you in person) that Blue was in good hands and you would be able to help us with his problems.

After finally dropping him off at your place, and meeting you in person – it only reassured us that Blue was at the right place for his rehabilitation.

After two weeks, we got the “green light” to pick him up and I really felt like we had a different dog on our hands – Blue no longer showed his signs of food aggression and we were able to feed him and take his food away without him guarding it or showing any aggression. In addition, he seemed calmer, happier and more confident.

You took your time with us showing us the new commands for obedience training and we practiced until we felt we could go home and be the leaders of our small pack.

It was so great to see that Blue clearly loved you and was playful and not at all intimidated – as you said it was important to give positive reinforcement and not break the dog’s spirit – and Blue’s spirit was all there, tail wagging and everything. But the real test was coming home and seeing for ourselves that the training would still work in our environment.

It has been almost a month since we retrieved Blue from you and we practice everyday – creating the consistency necessary for his training to work. He no longer barks his head off when seeing another dog while walking or running – or in the car. He listens when we give him commands – the FIRST time! – and there are no more issues with his food aggressions.

Our favorite part is that he looks up to us constantly – he knows who is in control and he waits for his next command – it is really amazing. We can not thank you enough as you have given us the tools to deal with our dog.

Most sincerely,
Mare Dianora & Claes Brondal (and of course, Blue Boy)
Sag Harbor, New York

Dear Harry, Evelyn and future owners,

Thank you for giving us the healthiest, happiest and greatest puppy, Lucy!

As you know, when Noah and I came to see your puppies it was love at first sight. The first three months of Lucy’s life were perfect! She was healthy, happy, and responding very well to training with you. Lucy loved life and Noah and I were ecstatic to have a new member of the family!

However just shy of four months old, Lucy’s life was drastically changed. While on a hike, she was mauled by another dog. This dog was a 90lb. unleashed dog that came out of nowhere and latched onto Lucy. What seemed like an eternity of kicking and punching the other dog to release was over within seconds; leaving Lucy severely injured, unable to walk and yelping sounds we never want to experience again!

Noah and I took turns carrying her out of the woods hoping that she would survive. We were covered in blood and Lucy was quickly loosing consciousness. Finally reaching the car, panicking, and hysterical, Noah and I called the animal hospital and Harry.

Harry dropped everything (he was at a cookout enjoying his July 4th) to help Noah, Lucy and I! He told me what to do and where to keep pressure on her until we reached the animal hospital. Helping me to keep Lucy conscious, Harry also instructed me to order a series of x-rays and tests to ensure that all of Lucy’s injuries were found and properly treated. Without Harry’s help and extensive expertise with his puppies, I do not know if all of Lucy’s injuries would have been properly diagnosed.

Lucy suffered a broken ulna millimeters away from her growth plate and deep puncture wounds over her entire body! She was sedated, given many bags of IV treatment, drains were inserted on her backside, and a soft cast put on her leg. The veterinarians whom worked on Lucy told us that the severity of the break would leave Lucy with angular deformity, arthritis, and behavioral issues as a result of the attack. Noah and I were completely devastated that our HEALTHY, HAPPY puppy was now facing the rest of her life in pain and deformed.

Throughout our horrific and terrifying stay at the animal hospital, Harry called every half hour and offered encouragement and support! The support did not stop there! The plethora of antibiotics, sedatives, and pain medicine left Lucy dazed, confused and a different puppy leaving Noah and I scared and feeling helpless.

Harry called daily to check on Lucy’s progress and offered kind and encouraging words to Noah and I. Harry offered us a glimpse of sunshine with his optimism. Harry also never wavered on his dog’s superior health and quality. Four months after Lucy’s attack, Noah and I are proud to say that she has made a FULL recovery! Our vet told us that she is the healthiest dog she has ever seen to make a full recovery and escape deformity and arthritis.

It is with great pleasure that Noah and I recommend SJ K9 Solutions!

Harry’s puppies are of the highest and HEALTHIEST European quality.
It is easy to breed and sell puppies, but Harry does more. The puppies are his dogs and he sincerely cares what happens to them and their owners.

Noah and I are and always will be grateful for Harry’s love and support. If Lucy was not such a healthy dog, who knows what her recovery would have entailed. Fortunately, that question will never be answered! Thank you Harry!!

Lauren and Noah